Grow Through Kinesiology Testimonials

    "Brett Nunan 10/02/16"

  • Before I started treatment with Stephen I had consistent lower back pain consisting of nerve aggravation, uneven hips due to carrying the injuries and right shoulder pain due to previous dislocation injuries. I was lacking range of movement witch made me feel incapable of physical activities. Fear then developed with movement association, which led to feelings of disempowerment in everyday life.

    After I received treatment with Stephen within a few sessions using Cranial Kinesiology I almost immediately felt the removal of fear giving myself the ability to broaden my range of physical activities. Then as sessions continued the physical pain gradually began to lesson giving me a feeling of relief and empowerment. This gave me the confidence I needed to participate in everyday life with greater potential; surfing, working, exercise and general well-being was all being improved with each session.

    I highly recommend Stephen as a practitioner to assist within living life to its fullest potential.

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