Structural Kinesiology Session

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Structural Kinesiology session helps locate and remove any imbalances and stresses in the skeletal muscles, tendon and ligament systems. Muscles play a major role in the healthy performance of the body. Muscles assist in producing movement, maintaining posture, stabilising joints and generating heat for energy. Ligaments and tendons help support the skeletal systems.

Good posture is a sign of good health. Structural Kinesiology deals with physical pain and reactive patterns of muscles by reduce long term pain, to help release tight, tense or aching muscles, stress, fatigue, back, neck, hip, and knee, ankle, and shoulder pain.

The relationship between your muscles, meridians, organs and glands are balanced, providing improved postural balance, health and performance.

Working with the skeletal muscle structures can help with learning problems or difficulty with co-ordination.

Physically Structural Kinesiology session helps with
  • Structural problems, chronic pain, relieve muscular aches, pains, tension, posture
  • Enhance performance levels, coordination, flexibility and mobility
  • Alleviate tiredness, chronic fatigue, insomnia, low energy, headaches

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