Pricing and Policy

Kinesiology Consultation;
Initial Kinesiology session is normally 1½ hours: Price $120
Subsequent Kinesiology session normally 1 hour: Price $90

Wellness Kinesiology Series;
Kinesiology with Stephen
Initial session + 2 additional 1 hour sessions.
Price paid in full on first visit $250

The Benefits of a 3 session series is that each session builds on the previous session. This gives an experience and understanding of the changes that are occurring and receptiveness to achieve a more significant result. The more you experience the effects of Kinesiology the more you will feel the tangible benefits over time.
Our emotional, behavioural, mental and physical imbalances are referred to by a kinesiologist as stress. With your cooperation, you will discover and dissolve the root causes of these old wounds whether they are in your physical body, emotions, thoughts or mind connection. You will, over time, be able to resolve and decrease the stress from your consciousness and to restore to a state of empowerment for living a radiant and healthy life.

Neurological Kinesiology Series
Kinesiology with Stephen
Initial session + 3 additional 1 ½ hours sessions
Price paid in full $450, else $180 first session then $90 for each of the next 3 sessions

Many of life’s tasks require access to specific brain functions and require the integration of these functions to successfully perform tasks. Stress alters brain function to confronting situations. The logic and creative centres often simply shut down. Overall brain synchronicity is lost and the brain is no longer able to think clearly. When a stress threshold is exceeded, then integrated brain function is no longer possible.
The Brain has the potential to reduce the negative impacts by any kind of accumulated stress. Neurological Kinesiology helps the brain reduce these accumulated stresses and has the ability to make changes in behaviour patterns and responses simply and permanently.
Reducing stress has a flow on effect to the neurological pathways. Consequently this helps stabilise our basic physiological processes, instincts, drives and emotional responses, which largely dictate our behaviour and body function

Neurological Kinesiology facilitates the feeling of wellbeing.
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Advanced Life Development;
Kinesiology with Stephen
4 month program
Initial Session + 6 additional 1 ½ hours sessions
Price paid in full $1050 else $180 first session then $150 for each of the next 6 sessions

Kinesiology can be used to fulfil specific life goals, enhance sports performance or business performance and generally improve the quality of life. Whether young or old, working or retired Kinesiology can help to develop and maintain an active lifestyle.

Participating in life coaching using Kinesiology is like going into a room filled with windows and doors. The windows and doors are portals to what the client is looking for. The Kinesiology balance is stepping into the room. Each time we go into the room, the client allows the kinesiology balance to unfold, opening the doors and windows and stepping into the journey of self-discovery.

Cancellation Policy
Every effort is taken to provide a suitable time for your appointments. Please take appropriate care when booking a time as others may have needed it if you choose to cancel.

Twenty four hours notice or more is required to change or cancel your appointment. Any less than that and I request that you pay 50% of the cost of your session.
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