Physiology of the Brain

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Physiology of the Brain Kinesiology has the ability to make changes in behaviour patterns and responses simply and permanently. The work with the brain is cutting edge as it addresses the subconscious fight & flight responses with amazing results, restoring balance and harmony in the neurological pathways

Many brain glands secrete a variety of hormones and neurotransmitters which have a huge impact on the feelings and wellbeing. Physiology of the Brain Kinesiology has the potential to reduce the negative impacts caused by any kind of accumulated stress. This has a flow on effect to the neurological, gives stability to our basic physiological processes, instincts, drives and emotional responses, which largely dictate our behaviour and body function.

Working with the brain, the Kinesiologist can focus on our blood pressure and heart rate, bladder contraction, digestive organs and functions, endocrine management, water retention and kidney function, amygdala physiology plus emotional responses, visceral responses, new and old memory reactions, basal motor movements, learning physical activities, sleeping issues, suppression of anger and memory of physical pain.
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