Neurological Kinesiology

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Many of life’s tasks require access to specific brain functions and require the integration of these functions to successfully perform tasks. Stress alters brain function during ‘fight or flight’ responses to confronting situations. The logic and creative centres often simply shut down. Overall brain synchronicity is lost and it is no longer possible to think clearly. When a stress threshold is exceeded, then integrated brain function is no longer possible.

Signs that a person has loss of brain integration are:-

  • Short attention span
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Overactivity or underactivity
  • Restlessness or impatience
  • Poor hand eye coordination
  • Suppressed rage, depression or anxiety
  • Feeling of Fear
  • Mood swings
  • Inappropriate emotional expression and mental dysfunction
  • Abnormal behavioural response to stress
  • Difficulty following or giving instructions
  • Allergies
Behavioural response may be dysfunctional when confronted with a highly emotional situation:-
  • The brain may seek an emotional response, such as displaying rage
  • Suppressing mental reasoning until the threat to our survival has passed
  • Going into your head and not being able to access your emotions and appearing unfeeling
  • Expressing failure not able to integrate intellectual processing
  • Taking yourself out of the present and initiating past survival habits that no longer serve you

Unchecked, our bodies start to respond by acting out such impulses in socially inappropriate ways. This may be accompanied by physiological responses such as sweating palms, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and adrenalin, decreased digestion system activity and dry mouth.

A Kinesiologist can help support a relaxed state of mind. The whole human energy system reacts in a spontaneous and intuitive way to a Kinesiology balance as though something that has long been forgotten and yet is obvious has returned.

LEAP® (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program)
Leap is a kinesiology modality which uses precisely formatted acupressure points to address stress within specific brain structures. Leap can help you reclaim your innate talents and capabilities by targeting precise neural systems and helping to enhance and harmonise the brain’s neural activity.

The LEAP program was designed by Dr Charles Krebs who also wrote the book 'A Revolutionary Way of Thinking' on how he came to develop the LEAP program. Specific brain parts and functions are targeted by the LEAP protocols and any stresses in these areas are cleared. All learning dysfunctions have their origin in the way the brain functions. The brain is designed to learn. From the time we are born, learning is as natural as breathing and certainly as important since our very survival depends on it.

The cerebral hemispheres of the brain are traditionally viewed as the left hemisphere normally logic and right hemisphere gestalt brain theory. Each side has specific functions and these functions direct the subconscious processing centres. In the LEAP model there is a conscious request, a cortical lead function which creates a subconscious flow that results in processing a request. The conscious mind does not determine how the brain should process but merely what it should process.

Brain Hemispheres and their Functions



  • Spatial Orientation
  • Creative Lateral Thinking Imagination
  • Visual Memory
  • Facial Recognition
  • Word recall fro spelling
  • Recall of time table
  • Decoding Symbols
  • Recognition of Alphabet
  • Recognition words when reading
  • Language nonverbal
  • Automatic Coordinated Movements
  • No sense of time


  • Globally, Simultaneously
  • Intuitively
  • Knowing based on intuition
  • Guttural utterance
  • Sound music
  • Noises what is that
  • Gestural language
  • Balance, running



  • Linear Time line
  • Detail, Facts, Order, Consistency
  • Visual Construction
  • Creating images of words from letters
  • Spelling words
  • Learning of time table
  • Assigning Meaning to Symbols
  • Give words their meaning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Language Verbal
  • Learning coordinated Movements
  • Sense of Time


  • Sequentially
  • Speech
  • Editing thoughts to say
  • Saying things
  • Written language
  • Mathematics
  • Sequencing physical actions

Using neurological techniques a Kinesiologist is able to track and defuse stress in many areas of the Nervous System thus helping the left and right sides of the brain communicate and function optimally and maintain brain integration.
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