Grow Through Kinesiology (GTK)

No living scientist has figured out where, in the brain, memory of self is located. As a matter of fact, no scientist, living or dead, had been able to isolate specific locations in the brain or the body that store memory. For example after parking your car, at home, at night, where do you keep your key? Do you keep the key in the ignition, on the kitchen table or hanging on a hook at the back door? Where is this memory stored? Scientist may have a feeling of the possible location yes, but the precise details of where in the brain no, go Google it.

One of the current theories is that we store information as a hologram. Many of the current creators of kinesiology modulates have created works that include the idea of a hologram. The tree of life, as described in the Merkaba, is a hologram of unconditional love. The tree of GTK symbolises evolution, the tree of life, the hologram, the Merkaba.

Within each of us there is a feeling of sensing that there is another, more fulfilling state of consciousness and a larger capacity to experience life must exist. GTK focuses on looking at those aspects of yourself that are limiting your experience of life. Happiness does not depend on outer circumstances or others. Happiness is a state of mind that is solely your responsibility.

The level of chaos and suffering we create in our mind body during our own internal journey is directly related to our readiness and capability to evolve. Feelings of pleasure and pain to our ideas, are so natural to humans we are endowed to embraces the whole of a man’s being.

A human is literally what they think, the character being the complete sum of all ones thoughts. Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits thus does a human gather in the sweet and bitter fruitage of one’s own husbandry. A human creates evolution.

The levels of chaos and suffering experienced during internal evolution are directly related to ones willingness and ability to catalyse internal evolution. Growth comes from this internal evolution.

First, law must be founded on the will of a superior. Second, it must perform the function of establishing rules of behaviour. Third, it must be binding on humans, since there is a duty of compliance owed to the superior authority that institutes the laws’ (Locke 1663–4, 83).

Natural law is rightly called law because it satisfies these conditions. For Locke, the concept of morality is best understood by reference to law like authority structure, for without this, he argues, moral rules would be indistinguishable from social conventions.

In one of his later essays, “Of Ethic in General”, Locke writes ‘Finding happiness means finding your real self. To the extent that unhappiness or discontent exists in your life, you have not fulfilled your potential. You can achieve deep and peaceful contentment, security and sense of fulfilment’.

When we step outside of our individual evolutionary pathway, we step outside of our path towards unity and the forces of natural selection acts upon us. Failure to evolve, failure to move with the natural or divine law is the root causes behind suffering.

Stress is the engine that drives evolution.

The Heart is always open to share the universal truth that allows us to see beyond the ego. What is the universal truth that allows us to see beyond the ego? When looking into the eyes of the one standing in front of us in the mirror. Such question as, who am I? Why am I here? Has always been part of me, always exploring, always searching. After many years, almost a life time of searching, I realised in this life, that there does not exist such a thing as a separate person, we are all connected. By going beyond the very first thought ‘I Am’ to ‘I Am Here’ I could experience the aliveness, the beauty and the inner peace of the true, original self.

Grow Through Kinesiology looks at the real motives behind your actions and balances the different aspect of yourself by exploring your willingness to be happy, the observer of self, overcoming childhood hurts, dissolving false images, understanding masks, facing undesirable aspects of self, meeting yourself, a healthier self.
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