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Energy medicine recognises energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about the health and happiness of a person. Energy Medicine techniques used by a Kinesiologist can include the chakra systems. The Chakra energy system is based on the fundamental principle that everyone's thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes are made of energy, and that the human body is an energy system.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc and has been described as spinning wheels of light, a doorway to the subtle energy fields. Chakras can be imagined as wheels of energy that are located in different areas of the body. Each of us has thousands of them but the seven major ones are what we focus on primarily when healing with kinesiology. These 7 major chakras are located along our spine from its base at the coccyx to the top of the crown of the head.

7 major chakras are:-

  • Base, represents the earth centred energy.
  • Sacral, developing individuality.
  • Solar Plexus, the seat of self esteem and expressing our personal power.
  • Heart, ability to love.
  • Throat, ability to communicate.
  • Brow, intuition and imagination.
  • Crown, helps create a sense of knowing.
  • One of the rules of nature is that movement of energy from a high pressure to a low pressure forms a vortex. This vortex will change in size, shape and spin to the right or left. Time and space, according to Einstein's theories of relativity, are woven together, forming a four-dimensional fabric called space-time continuum which forms a vortex.

    There is a space-time vortex around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of Einstein’s theory of gravity. Einstein’s theory of relativity is describing a functioning energy pump.

    Accordingly a vortex can be described as having an outward downward spiral force offset by an upward internal levitating force. Einstein’s theory of space-time vortex is describing a chakra. Chakras act like power stations in our body, bring it to life, and keep it healthy. Each chakra is associated with different aspects of our behaviour and development and they need to spin in harmony for us to feel balanced and healthy.

    Chakras absorb energy from our thoughts, feelings, diet, exercise and environment. Our body is affected by the quality of the energy passing through the chakras. For instance, if we have negative feelings or experiences we will be filtering negative energy through our chakras and into our body. Over time this can make our body ill. Other people’s negative emotions or a room full of clutter will produce an unhealthy energy which we may be partially absorbing. The chakras absorb and give out energy.

    Kinesiology Chakra therapy can improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
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