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Life Coaching using Kinesiology

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Kinesiology can be used to fulfil specific life goals, enhance sports performance or business performance and generally improve the quality of life. Whether young or old, working or retired Kinesiology can help to develop and maintain an active lifestyle.

Participating in life coaching using Kinesiology is like going into a room filled with windows and doors. The windows and doors are portals to what the client is looking for. The Kinesiology balance is stepping into the room. Each time we go into the room, the client allows the kinesiology balance to unfold, opening the doors and windows and stepping into the journey of self discovery.

This program is designed to firstly identify areas of your life that require some focus and then tailor outcomes to enhance and grow your life in a positive direction. Specific kinesiology tools are utilised throughout the sessions to increase brain plasticity, motivation levels and your ability to manifest your dreams. These are combined with coaching techniques to enable growth and development in any area of your life.

Kinesiology is about achieving general wellbeing by clearing unresolved stresses to create a positive result. Life coaching is providing a structure for accomplishing goals. Putting this together creates a framework for enabling advancement towards goals. If a goal is identified which does not align with your intrinsic values, then kinesiology may be used to identify a new direction.

Advanced Life Development will assist in the identification of the gifts you use in this world, and may help in the realisation of dreams that dare to be dreamt.
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